Coweta County Transit Receives Award for Improved Performance

On December 6, 2013, Coweta County Transit was honored by receiving the Georgia Transit Association’s (GTA) Performance Award at the 2013 GTA Annual Conference. Transportation Manager Tavores Edwards accepted the award on behalf of the County.

Coweta County Transit  began operating a demand response system in July 2009. In FY 2012, Coweta County coordinated with the Georgia Department of Transportation  and RouteMatch to implement an electronic routing and dispatching software solution. Prior to this time, most of the dispatching and routing was accomplished through spreadsheets, paper manifests, and paper maps. The new software allowed for all dispatching and routing to occur using one centralized program. After initial implementation, the Coweta County Board of Commissioners wanted to ensure that the new software system was being utilized to its fullest potential and approved local funding for mobile software and wireless communications  enhancements. The Commissioners approved the purchase of five (5) mobile tablets and the RouteMatch mobile data software necessary to complete the package. As a result of these technology investments, Coweta County Transit’s trips increased by 14% over the previous program year, posting the best annual trip numbers since the transit program’s inception. 

Congratulations to Coweta County Transit!

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