Self Service Repair Stations Encourage Cycling

Cyclists: Have you ever experienced a ‘bike emergency’ in the middle of your ride only to discover that you have no toolkit?  Finding a bike repair self service station could mean the difference between a happy ride or a long walk to the nearest bike shop. Self service stations are starting to appear in activity centers in the region, offering everything one needs to make repairs and get back on two wheels.

Below is a self service station recently installed at Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta. A protected slot holds  a full set of secured tools, which include screwdrivers, wrenches and hex drivers.  The hanger arm allows  bike wheels and pedals to spin fully, making repair work easier.


Firmly attached to the side of the station is an air pump, complete with PSI gauge to avoid tire over-inflation.


Lastly, by scanning a QR code sticker on the station, cyclists may access step by step instructions for a thorough list bicycle repair procedures. Very helpful!


Smart placement of low-cost amenities like these encourage people to give cycling a try and also support existing cyclists.

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