Helpful Twitter Feeds for the Atlanta Commuter


Apparently, reports of Twitter’s death were a bit premature. To the contrary, the simple microblogging site has proven quite resilient, partially due to its ease of use as a platform for distributing real-time data. Transportation officials in the Atlanta region have caught on, using Twitter as an means to quickly communicate traffic and system conditions to the traveling public. While it may lack the features of a purpose-built traffic app, a well written twitter feed can convey more information more quickly.

Here are six helpful twitter feeds for the harried Atlanta commuter:

Georgia Navigator (@NaviGAtor511) – This feed is of particular use for highway commuters, as it leverages GDOT’s network of cameras, loop detectors and HERO operator reports to offer real-time traffic updates in the Atlanta region.

State Road and Tollway Authority (@SRTA_PeachPass) – SRTA’s feed also offers highway traffic alerts as well as general news and commentary about transportation. Also check this website for real-time toll data on SRTA’s managed lane facility on I-85.

Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (@Xpressga) – This frequently updated feed offers updates and alerts related to the on-time performance of GRTA Xpress commuter bus routes.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Service Updates (@MARTASERVICE) – MARTA notifies its customers of service conditions on their buses, rail lines, elevators and escalators on this feed.

Cobb Community Transit (@CobbTransit) – Provides transit customers with occasional service alerts on the CCT bus system in Cobb County.

Gwinnett County Transit (@gctransit) – Service alerts and operational updates for the Gwinnett County bus system are displayed in both English and Spanish on this helpful feed.

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