Managed Lane Facility Investment Strategy to be Updated in GDOT Study

The Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) award-winning Atlanta Regional Managed Lane System Plan (MLSP) was the first system-wide evaluation of managed lanes in the United States – an innovative approach to urban area mobility. The plan met the following goals:

• Protect mobility;
• Maximize person/vehicle throughput;
• Minimize environmental impacts;
• Provide a financially feasible system (using a blend of traditional, federal and state funds, and
public-private partnerships); and
• Design and maintain a flexible infrastructure for varying lane management.

The MLIP will update the MLSP, reflecting current funding constraints and the knowledge gained by GDOT from projects implemented around the country since the MLSP was published in 2010. Specifically, the MLIP will focus on identifying feasible locations for capacity-adding projects, redefining and reprioritizing projects from the previous plan based on current and future needs, and developing a funding plan for implementing these projects. The intent is to have a prioritized list of managed lane projects which reduce the state’s reliance on long-term private financing agreements.

To learn more about the MLIP, visit they study website.

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