Evermore CID RFP Announcement


The Evermore Community Improvement District Board of Directors is seeking a professional landscape maintenance contractor to provide for the maintenance, care and upkeep of the State Highway and local street right-of-way (ROW) within and bordering the Evermore CID. The intent is to give the contractor the overall responsibility of ensuring that all street ROW areas within the district, regardless of parcel ownership, sustain a consistent, high-quality appearance. Pending approval by the Evermore CID Board of Directors, it is anticipated that the effective date of this agreement would be no sooner than February 1, 2013 and would terminate January 31, 2014.

Proposals will be received until 2:00 p.m. January 16, 2013 in the Evermore CID offices at 5525 Bermuda Road, Stone Mountain GA 30087. Any proposal received after this date and time will not be accepted. Questions regarding proposals should be directed in writing to Jim Brooks, Executive Director, at the office address listed above, by Fax: 770-979-0712 or by e-mail at jbrooks[at]evermorecid.org no later than January 11, 2013. Proposals are legal and binding upon the bidder when submitted and must be valid for 60 days after the close of the bid.

Selection criteria are stated in the Request for Proposal package. The award of the contract will be to the contractor whose responses comply with the requirements set forth in this request for proposal, and whose proposal represents the best overall value taking into consideration all aspects of the responses. Rates will not be the sole determining factor. Evermore CID Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive technicalities and to make an award in whole or in part and as deemed in its best interest. The written proposal documents supersede any verbal or written prior communications between the parties. All companies submitting a proposal will be notified of award.

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