North Carolina and Florida Announce Toll Interoperability Agreement; Georgia to Follow


Transportation secretaries Gene Conti (NCDOT) and Ananth Prasad (FDOT) announced earlier this month an agreement on electronic toll collection interoperability. The fundamental elements of the agreement will allow travelers from these states to use each other’s electronic toll collection system without the need to enroll in any new programs or buy a new transponder. “This is an exciting advancement in the toll industry,” said Secretary Prasad.  This represents Florida’s first out-of-state interoperability project.“This is a significant step for motorists along the East Coast Corridor, as North Carolina is a major link in creating interoperability between E-Z Pass states and Florida”, said Secretary Conti. “The Alliance for Toll Interoperability and the I-95 Corridor Coalition played a crucial role in making this step a reality.”

On the heels of this major inter-regional interoperability effort, the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) will join this effort for its Peach Pass customers following Florida and North Carolina’s implementation. “We are thrilled to be a part of a customer-driven solution that will add value for all Peach Pass customers,” says Dr. Gena Evans, Executive Director of SRTA. “It is important for us to continue to seek travel options that accommodate our customers in ways that are reliable and efficient. The ability to pay for tolls with one account in three different southeastern states is a major step forward in achieving that goal.”

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