MARTA promotes TOD through station profiles

station profile

MARTA station area profile screenshot

Transit Oriented Development encompasses any number of real estate projects that occur directly on or nearby a transit facility and that both improve the character of the station area and increases transit usage at the station.  Some of the major benefits of TOD include decreased transportation costs for those TODs with a significant residential component, increased transit system ridership and decreased infrastructure costs to local governments when compared to ‘greenfield’ development. ARC encourages and supports TOD  through transit station design charrettes and funding for TOD planning through the LCI program. Examples of significant TODs implemented on MARTA can be found at Lindbergh, Lakewood-Ft McPherson and Lenox rail stations.

To help promote TOD throughout it’s system, MARTA has published TOD profiles for most of its rail stations.

Each station profile includes:

  • Station operations statistics for ridership, land area, station typology and parking
  • Existing land use for the surrounding area
  • On-site development opportunities
  • Summary socioeconomic and market analysis data

These documents are a great place for all interested audiences to learn more about MARTA’s existing rail station assets and how thoughtful development can enhance the areas  they serve. To view the profiles and learn more about TOD at MARTA, visit MARTA’s TOD homepage at

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