Atlanta Beltline Seeks Input for Implementation Plan

December 28, 2012


The Atlanta BeltLine is crafting an Implementation Plan that will guide the project’s development over the next 20 years. It will evaluate and prioritize transit, trails and parks projects in five year increments, giving the project planners and the public an idea of what to expect moving forward. This plan will build on previous planning efforts conducted with extensive public input. This presentation provides more background on the previous studies, policies and draft project selection criteria.

In support of this effort, a survey has been crafted to solicit feedback from the public to help select the best criteria for evaluating projects. This survey will complement feedback collected during public meetings in November and December and will be incorporated into the plan’s development.  At the end of the process, Beltline staff will share the public input we received that informed the plan’s development.

Visit this website to take the survey, which closes December 31st.

Evermore CID RFP Announcement

December 28, 2012


The Evermore Community Improvement District Board of Directors is seeking a professional landscape maintenance contractor to provide for the maintenance, care and upkeep of the State Highway and local street right-of-way (ROW) within and bordering the Evermore CID. The intent is to give the contractor the overall responsibility of ensuring that all street ROW areas within the district, regardless of parcel ownership, sustain a consistent, high-quality appearance. Pending approval by the Evermore CID Board of Directors, it is anticipated that the effective date of this agreement would be no sooner than February 1, 2013 and would terminate January 31, 2014.

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Buckhead CID Makes Progress on Peachtree Road Complete Streets Project

December 26, 2012


Earlier this month, the Buckhead Community Improvement District marked the implementation of Phase II of the Peachtree Road complete streets project. The project has converted a one‐mile stretch of Buckhead’s main traffic artery into a signature boulevard, with granite curbing and medians, hardwood trees, seasonal color landscaping, bike lanes, wider sidewalks, modern lighting, buried utility lines, street furniture, and dedicated left turn lanes at signalized intersections.

“Transforming Peachtree into a complete street is fundamental to creating a walkable urban place, which the market is increasingly demanding,” said Buckhead CID Executive Director Jim Durrett. “We are achieving this while also improving traffic flow on this signature street.”

Phase II starts at the MARTA overpass where Phase I of the project terminates and extends north to Roxboro Road. The $32‐million dollar project was funded from a variety of state, federal and local sources, including donated right of way from local property owners. Phase III, which is in development, will extend south past Maple Drive to East Shadowlawn Ave.

To learn more about the BCID’s planned projects in the Peachtree Road corridor, visit the project’s homepage.

Last Section of Sugarloaf Parkway Open to Traffic

December 23, 2012

The final section the Sugarloaf Parkway extension opened to traffic on December 11. This section of the project extends Sugarloaf Parkway over SR 316 in Dacula and includes the bridge overpass and entrance and exit ramps. The project enhances east-west connectivity across Gwinnett and completes the 6-mile extension from SR 20 south of Lawrenceville to SR 316 in the Dacula area.

The 2009 SPLOST sales tax program primarily funded the $15 million project to construct the ramps and section of Sugarloaf Parkway from Campbell Road to the south side of SR 316 that opened this summer. The Georgia Department of Transportation provided $2.5 million for the construction of this section of the project. County and state officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the project, which can be viewed below.

North Carolina and Florida Announce Toll Interoperability Agreement; Georgia to Follow

December 22, 2012


Transportation secretaries Gene Conti (NCDOT) and Ananth Prasad (FDOT) announced earlier this month an agreement on electronic toll collection interoperability. The fundamental elements of the agreement will allow travelers from these states to use each other’s electronic toll collection system without the need to enroll in any new programs or buy a new transponder. “This is an exciting advancement in the toll industry,” said Secretary Prasad.  This represents Florida’s first out-of-state interoperability project.“This is a significant step for motorists along the East Coast Corridor, as North Carolina is a major link in creating interoperability between E-Z Pass states and Florida”, said Secretary Conti. “The Alliance for Toll Interoperability and the I-95 Corridor Coalition played a crucial role in making this step a reality.”

On the heels of this major inter-regional interoperability effort, the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) will join this effort for its Peach Pass customers following Florida and North Carolina’s implementation. “We are thrilled to be a part of a customer-driven solution that will add value for all Peach Pass customers,” says Dr. Gena Evans, Executive Director of SRTA. “It is important for us to continue to seek travel options that accommodate our customers in ways that are reliable and efficient. The ability to pay for tolls with one account in three different southeastern states is a major step forward in achieving that goal.”

Study to Focus on Transportation, Land Use and Economic Development in the Lakewood Heights Area

December 21, 2012


The Lakewood Livable Centers Initiative plan is now underway, focusing on a study area anchored by the Lakewood Fairgrounds/Amphitheater area. The goal of the plan is to build on existing area strengths and previously planning efforts in order to enhance transportation options, create jobs and economic growth, identify key public improvements that can spur private investment and redevelopment, and improve quality of life in the community.

Learn more about the Livable Centers Initiative, how the planning process will work, and how you can get involved at an upcoming kickoff meeting. Come share your thoughts on the opportunities and issues facing the community and goals for the future. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Atlanta Technical College, Dennard Building Conference Center Auditorium. Interested persons can also visit the Lakewood LCI homepage for more information and resources, including a visual preference survey of the study area.

TransportationCamp to Encourage Creative Use of Real-Time Transit Data

December 20, 2012


Transportation is a major metropolitan issue, with direct impacts on economic strength, environmental sustainability, and social equity. Recent advances in technology (“web 2.0”, mobile computing, open source software, open data, and spatial analysis) present an opportunity to improve mobility more immediately and at a lower cost than has ever been possible in the past. In support of these trends, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) recently decided to continually release real-time transit vehicle location data to software developers free of charge.In response, a coalition of transit advocates and developers are hosting a TransportationCamp, which will serve as a forum to exchange and encourage ideas about how users can leverage real-time transit data to improve their region’s transit services.

TransportationCamps have been held in 4 different cities – DC, San Francisco, New York, and Montreal – since 2011. This TransportationCamp will be the first in the City of Atlanta and the Southern United States. This is a great opportunity for communities around the South to benefit from their large developer communities, which include committed users of all transportation modes. The event will take place on Saturday, February 9th from 9:30AM to 5PM at the Georgia Institute of Technology. To register and learn more, visit the event’s website at