Holcomb Bridge Road Study Addresses Safety, Accessibility

Holcomb Bridge Road in Fulton County is the first regionally significant east-west arterial north of I-285 with a connection to SR 400, serving both local City of Roswell traffic and regional through traffic between Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. Holcomb Bridge Road is also the only access to SR 400 within Roswell and serves as a gateway to the City.

As a result, nearly one third of the traffic crossing the Chattahoochee River on SR 400 travels to and from Holcomb Bridge Road. The amount of traffic using the interchange is similar to that typically accommodated by a system interchange or freeway-to-freeway interchange. Because of its dual role of serving both local and regional traffic, this roadway faces heavy congestion and safety issues along most of its segments, especially the segments in the vicinity of the Holcomb Bridge/Georgia 400 interchange. These issues also create a formidable barrier to pedestrian and bicycle movement which are key to connecting the community at a human scale.

The City of Roswell recently completed and adopted a corridor study for the Holcomb Bridge Road/GA 400 interchange area. This plan for the roadway, which aligns with ARC’s freight, thoroughfare and bike/ped investment networks, outlines a list of improvements to increase safety and accessibility of Holcomb Bridge Road while decreasing congestion. Below is a simulation of how the facility will look and operate should all recommended projects be implemented:

To view the study, along with maps and renderings of the proposed improvements, visit the City of Roswell’s Holcomb Bridge Road Corridor study page.

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