Reminder: Public Comment Period for TIP Amendment #1 in Progress

The Atlanta Regional Commission has opened a public review and comment period  for a pending amendment to the region’s FY 2012-2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
The TIP is the mechanism by which federal, state and local funds are approved for all significant transportation projects and programs in the region. The FY 2012-2017 TIP comprises the first six years of the Atlanta region’s long range PLAN 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP provides the framework to guide the region’s transportation decisions and must cover a minimum of 20 years. As the federally recognized Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
for an 18-county region, ARC is responsible for developing and updating the TIP and RTP to meet federal planning requirements and address local needs. By definition, an amendment to the TIP also constitutes an amendment to the RTP.
The purposes of this amendment are to:
  • document the technical analysis that confirms the region’s current long range transportation plan is in conformity with new federal clean air requirements.
  • incorporate scope changes to six projects which have occurred as they proceed through the design and engineering process, to ensure that environmental clearances are not delayed and the projects can stay on schedule.
  • address other programming issues of a time-sensitive nature on a limited number of other projects
  • lay the foundation for a plan update in 2013 which will incorporate updated assumptions on long-term growth and revenue.
The amendment will involve a new air quality conformity determination by the United States Department of Transportation on the FY 2012-2017 TIP and 2040 RTP. The most recent conformity determination on the TIP and RTP was made on September 6, 2011. A full copy of the proposed list of changes may be obtained through the ARC TIP Amendment #1 website or by calling (404) 463-3272. The public review and comment period will run through October 30, 2012. To submit comments or request further information or assistance, email plan2040[at]atlantaregional[dot]com or call ARC at 404-463-3272. ARC must receive comments prior to midnight on this date in order to be considered in the official record of comments. A summary of all comments received during the period and responses to those comments will be presented to ARC’s technical and policy committees and the ARC Board for their consideration before taking action on the amendment.

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