Project Call Pending for FY 2012 JARC & New Freedom Funding

The Atlanta Regional Commission , in partnership with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, is planning to call for projects in the 18-County Atlanta Urbanized Area for Job Access & Reverse Commute (JARC) and New Freedom Program funds for fiscal years 2012. In addition, the ARC will also award funds carried over from FY 2011. These Federal Transit Administration (FTA) program funds are available for projects that improve transportation for low‐income individuals, people with disabilities, and older adults.

The call for projects applies for available JARC and New Freedom funds. The total funds available are shown below. The amount actually awarded during this call process may be less than the total available and will be determined based on the number and quality of applications.

FY 2012 Funds Available:

$1,561,449 for JARC projects

$994,221 for New Freedom projects

FY 2011 Residual Funds Available:

$138,037 for JARC projects

$230,671 for New Freedom projects

Funds will be awarded through a competitive selection process, which will be administered by ARC. The selected projects will be forwarded to FTA for final review and approval before funds will be available for use by successful applicants. The application package will provide additional information about the selection process.

A grant application workshop is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 18th from 9:30- 12:00 PM. Further information and materials will be made available early next week at ARC’s Human Services Transportation page.

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