Support Building for Georgia Open Roads Policy

In March, the Atlanta Regional Commission passed a resolution supporting the Georgia Open Roads Policy, which will boost efforts to reduce the metro area’s traffic congestion while increasing driver safety. The policy, developed in cooperation with the Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME) task force, states that whenever a roadway or travel lane is closed or partially blocked by a traffic incident, the Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Department of Transportation, local law enforcement and other public safety agencies will re-open the roadway as soon as possible and in an urgent manner. Safety of the public and responders is the highest priority and will be preserved.

ARC recognizes the policy’s importance in significantly reducing non-recurring delays and secondary crashes. The policy is noted to be consistent with the objectives and strategies of PLAN 2040 and its goals will be taken into consideration with future transportation projects.

The TIME Task Force, which is now in its 10th year of operation, exists to develop and sustain a region-wide incident management program that facilitates safe and fast roadway clearance, lessening the impact on emergency responders and commuters. Task Force leadership includes representatives from the Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia State Patrol, Federal Highway Administration, Atlanta Regional Commission, Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia, among other stakeholders.

The Georgia Open Roads Policy has been adopted by the following entities:

Gwinnett County Police Department

City of College Park Police Department

The Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia

City of John’s Creek

Metro Atlanta Fire Chief’s Association

Northwest Georgia Fire Chiefs Association

Dunwoody Police Department

City of Roswell Police Department

Georgia Office of Highway Safety

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