Chamblee Uses Streetscape Project to Make City More Pedestrian Friendly

According to the Champion Newspaper

The City of Chamblee is about to embark on a streetscape project that is estimated to cost approximately $250,000.  City officials hope to construct a 6-foot-wide sidewalk, as well as a 2-foot-wide section of paved brick, along Peachtree Road.  The new addition will begin at the intersection of Peachtree and Chamblee Tucker roads and end at Pierce Drive.

Vicki Coleman, director of Chamblee’s development department, said the impetus behind the project was to make the city more pedestrian friendly and to beautify the heavily trafficked area.  Coleman, who has been with the city since October 2011, said the project had been in the works prior to her hiring.  She said Chamblee was one of the first cities in metro Atlanta to obtain a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for its Livable Communities Initiative (LCI) program.

“This is one of those projects that will be part of the implementation to enhance the overall walkability of the city,” Coleman said.  “The LCI program is basically a program looking to further tie land use and transportation together.”

Bids for the Peachtree Road cityscape project close on April 6, and Coleman said she expects it will take at least another month to determine the lowest qualified bidder, and send the bid to the Chamblee City Council for approval.  “Probably the earliest date construction might begin would be in June,” Coleman said.

Coleman said the city is looking to make Chamblee a more pedestrian friendly by building streetscapes close to places such as the Chamblee MARTA station and city hall.  “This one particular project we’re working on will be at a [place] where pedestrian activity is encouraged, and I think that the city has done a lot to promote alternative modes of transportation like walking,” Coleman said of the Peachtree Road project.

Additionally, Coleman said the city will soon begin work on a similar project, which will be closer to city hall.

“There’s also a pedestrian path and trail system, and right now there is an abandoned rail spur being made for more pedestrian paths,” Coleman said.

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