Another Temporary Extension of SAFETEA-LU Likely Forthcoming

US Capitol

Credit: Florian Hirzinger

From Chairman Mica (US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair)

Chairman John L. Mica announced that he will introduce a three-month extension of existing highway and transit programs. This extension of SAFETEA-LU will not include changes to current transportation policy. Mica stated:

“Tomorrow, I will introduce a short-term extension through June 30th to ensure continuity of current programs while I and House Republicans continue to work toward a responsible transportation bill that provides long-term certainty, reduces the size of government, eliminates earmarks, and is fully paid for. We continue to believe that linking energy and infrastructure is the responsible thing to do in order to meet our long-term needs.”

ARC believes the adoption of a multi-year federal surface transportation bill is a key component of an efficient transportation planning process. States, regions and local jurisdictions all require the stability and funding such a bill provides so that they may plan for and deliver larger scale, long-term transportation improvements. TSPOT continues to follow and report the latest news on this important issue.

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