Atlanta Region Delivering More Projects on Time in FY 2011

The Atlanta region has made a noteworthy improvement in the overall implementation rate of transportation projects according to the findings of this year’s Breaking Ground report, ARC’s annual report card for Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) delivery. The reporting effort includes an interactive project dashboard and lets the public know whether or not project phases within the TIP are advancing as originally scheduled. This year’s report covers fiscal year 2011 and includes the following highlights:

  • 68% of all transportation project phases advanced on time, the highest finding for this important statistic since ARC began tracking it
  • $585 million in funds from federal, state and local sources were programmed to these advancing phases
  • The Georgia Department of Transportation, the major sponsor of projects throughout the state of Georgia, advanced 79% of the phases in FY 2011, representing a significant improvement from the previous fiscal year
  • Sponsors advanced more bicycle and pedestrian oriented projects than in years past, helping to contribute to this year’s improvement in the overall project phase advancement rate

To view this year’s Breaking Ground report and project dashboard, please visit ARC’s program delivery website at

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