Draft Transportation List to Reshape Regional Mobility Adopted

The Executive Committee of the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable reached a unanimous agreement on a draft list of transportation projects to get the region moving in the next 10 years. The five-member committee voted on Monday to approve a $6.14 billion draft list of transportation projects to be potentially funded by a penny sales tax to come before voters next year.

“Today, the Roundtable Executive Committee worked tirelessly to craft a constrained list of priority projects that represent tremendous benefits to the entire region,” said Norcross mayor Bucky Johnson, chairman of the Roundtable Executive Committee. “We had representatives from all the major jurisdictions in the Atlanta region rolling up their sleeves to help the Executive Committee select projects with the greatest impact. By working creatively and cooperatively, we approved a constrained list of investments today that can usher in a new era of transportation possibilities for our residents.”

With unprecedented amounts of public feedback, the five-member Roundtable Executive Committee completed their task of narrowing a $22 billion list of projects down to $6.14 billion. That meant whittling a regional list of more than 400 transportation projects to just over 100 in two and a half months.

The list now must be approved by the full 21-member Roundtable by October 15 and submitted to the Georgia Department of Transportation. The next meeting of the full Roundtable will be held on Friday, September 16.

In the meantime, residents of all 10 counties in the Atlanta region will have the opportunity to provide continued input to the final list through a series of public meetings planned throughout the Atlanta region.

Below is a list of public meetings to be held in September:

Wednesday, September 7: Douglas County

Tuesday, September 13: Henry County

Thursday, September 15: City of Atlanta

Monday, September 19: Cherokee County

Tuesday, September 20: Cobb County, Fayette County

Wednesday, September 21: Fulton County (north)

Monday, September 26: Gwinnett County

Tuesday, September 27: Rockdale County

Wednesday, September 28: DeKalb County, Fulton County (south)

Thursday, September 29: Clayton County

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