Transportation Roundtable Executive Committee Makes Progress on Project List

The Transportation Roundtable Executive Committee, tasked with developing a draft, $6.14 billion list of projects for consideration by the full Roundtable by August 15, is making good progress towards the goal.

In a meeting held today, the Roundtable Executive Committee endorsed a list honed to $6.56 billion by regional planning staff, through several intensive working sessions. The Executive Committee also agreed to meet again on Monday, August 15, at 1 p.m. to adopt a final constrained list.

“We have made tremendous progress, starting with a $23 billion list of regional transportation priorities and working cooperatively to make some hard decisions to whittle it down to this level,” said Roundtable Executive Committee chair, Bucky Johnson, Mayor of Norcross.  “Staff has done yeoman’s work to assist us, but now it is time for us to make some hard policy decisions.”

Mayor Johnson expressed the need to take the time necessary to get the very best list of new transportation options for voters to consider in a referendum to be held in 2012. “We have heard from the residents of this region and they want transportation solutions to congestion that improve their quality of life and attract jobs to our region,” he said.

The five-member Roundtable Executive Committee will work to trim approximately $450 million from the list to meet their target by Monday.  After Executive Committee approval of a draft list, the full Roundtable of 21 members will have an opportunity to weigh in, as will the public through 12 public meetings and on-line opportunities, until October 15.  That is the deadline specified by the Transportation Investment Act, for selecting a final list of transportation projects to go to voters next year.

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