Roundtable’s Executive Committee Targets Transit Priorities for Referendum List

On August 4th, the Executive Committee of the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable reached a major milestone when it voted to pursue inclusion of seven major transit projects on the referendum list, worth approximately $3 billion. With a budget of $6.1 billion, that leaves some $3.1 billion for roads, sidewalks and possibly some smaller transit projects, to be determined by August 15, at which time the five-member Executive Committee will turn a draft referendum list over to the full 21-member Roundtable for consideration.

The list of transit projects to be funded initially included only rail projects (listed below in alphabetical order):

These projects totaled $2.825 billion. During discussions, the Executive Committee voted to provide funding to maintain the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority’s Xpress Bus service for 10 years, at a cost of $180 million. This brought the total to $3,005,000,000 for regional transit projects.

“Real progress was made today in honing the draft referendum project list, through targeting several large transit projects we want to pursue,” said Bucky Johnson, Chairman of the Roundtable Executive Committee and mayor of Norcross. “Early next week, we will settle on the large, region-shaping road and interstate exchange projects that can get our region moving in the future.”

The five-member committee voted to hold a workshop early next week on roads for the entire 21-member Roundtable to help members make final decisions as they complete the $6.14 billion list of projects. The Executive Committee intends to finalize its draft list of projects at its August 11 meeting and turn it over to the Roundtable. The Roundtable then has until October 15 to adopt the list on which residents will vote next year.

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