ARC Adopts Blueprint for the Atlanta Region’s Future

On Wednesday, July 27, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) adopted PLAN 2040, a 30-year blueprint to sustainably accommodate future growth in the Atlanta region. It consists of a Regional Agenda, which outlines future development priorities for the region; and the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), which invests $61 billion in the region’s transportation network over 30 years.

The foundation for PLAN 2040 is the idea of sustaining the region’s economy, environment and sense of community. It is a blueprint for improving mobility, protecting natural resources, promoting balanced and sustainable development and growing the economy.

“Great regions are built with vision and great plans,” said ARC Chairman Tad Leithead. “I’m very proud of the comprehensive nature of PLAN 2040, its focus on sustainability and the collaborative effort that went into developing this blueprint for the Atlanta region’s evolution.”

As ARC’s centerpiece planning initiative, it includes input from all eight of ARC’s planning divisions, as well as from local government planners, elected officials and thousands of regional residents, with the goal of achieving a prosperous and sustainable future for metro Atlanta. ARC held more than 300 meetings with stakeholders and residents during the three-year PLAN 2040 development process.

Now that PLAN 2040 has been adopted, ARC will collaborate with its regional partners to achieve higher levels of implementation for plan policy and performance. They will do this using principles and performance measures developed during workshops with key stakeholders. Also in the short term, PLAN 2040’s RTP includes a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) of projects and programs to be funded over the first six years of the plan. The TIP totals approximately $7.5 billion in transportation investments.

“Our forecasts indicate strong population and employment growth for the next 30 years, and that’s good news for every city and county in the metro,” said Chairman Leithead. “While that growth brings many opportunities for the Atlanta region, it also brings challenges in the areas of development, transportation, human services and others. As the regional planning agency, it is our mission to ensure the region is prepared for these challenges so it can make the most of the opportunities.”

For more information about PLAN 2040 visit

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