Ten Agencies Selected for Federal Transit Administration Funding

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has awarded more than $2.3 million in federal funding to 10 recipients that operate transportation programs or transit routes that serve individuals who do not drive because of age, disability or because they cannot afford a car.

The funding is part of the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5316 Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) and Section 5317 New Freedom grant programs. Government agencies, transportation providers and nonprofit organizations use the grants to fund capital expenses and operating costs that involve reverse commuting, travel voucher programs or other programs that benefit low-income earners, disabled persons and/or older adults who use transit or other transportation alternatives for trips related to employment, healthcare, basic necessities and quality of life.

ARC and MARTA are the federally designated recipients of JARC and New Freedom funding in the Atlanta area. Because MARTA also applies for the competitive grants, ARC manages the selection of local recipients and the amounts received. Recipients in metro Atlanta received $1,593,132* in JARC funding and $751,574.50* in New Freedom funding.

The recipients are:

  • Cobb County Department of Transportation:
    • JARC route numbers 30 and 35 – $525,395.
    • Pedestrian Access Improvement and Travel Training – $126,604.
    • Contact: Laraine Vance, (770) 528-1650
  • MARTA:
    • JARC route numbers 19, 84, 89, 111, 117, 124, 143 and 189 – $525,395.
    • Contact: Cathy Gesick, (404) 848-5123
  • Jewish Family & Career Services, Inc.:
    • JARC Ways to Work Program for Low-income Families – $162,750.
    • Contact: Vera Golden, (770) 677-9391
  • Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc.:
    • JARC Shuttle System, Car/Vanpool and Voucher Program for Low-income Families
    • Contact: Judy Yi, (770) 936-0961
  • Clayton County Senior Services:
    • Voucher Transportation Program for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities – $50,572.50
    • Contact: Mary Byrd, (770) 603-4050
    • Voucher Travel Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities – $99,193.
    • Contact: Hillary Elliot, (404) 687-8890
  • Fayette Senior Services:
    • Transportation Voucher Program for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities – $124,809.
    • Contact: Debbie Britt, (770) 461-0813
  • Gwinnett County Senior Services:
    • Project Get in GEER (Gwinnett Enabled Elderly Ridership) Mobility Management and Voucher Program for Older Adults with Disabilities or Low-Income – $160,716.
    • Contact: Linda Bailey, (770) 822-8845
  • Marcus Jewish Community Center:
    • Expanded Transportation Options and Voucher Program for Persons with Disabilities, Older Adults and Adult Daycare Participants – $102,171.
    • Contact: Barbara Vahaba, (678) 812-4142

*The amounts above reflect only the federal amount awarded and do not include the required local match or the overall project costs. Total amounts will be shown in the Atlanta region’s FY 2008-2013 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

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