Survey to Determine Travel Habits, Shape Transportation Solutions

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) will begin contacting households throughout the Atlanta region today and asking a sample of residents to record their travels for one day. Some participants will be asked to wear a personal GPS device or to attach one to each vehicle in their household.

ARC is working to better determine how, why and where people travel so that the regional planning agency’s transportation professionals can better determine which projects are most important to regional mobility.

When the travel researchers call, they will ask the head of the household to set up one weekday in the future during which all members of the household will record their daily travels. Once the date is determined, researchers will send a travel log for each household member and a GPS device to those at least 16 years of age, if the home is chosen for GPS.

“We encourage all those who are contacted to take the time to participate in this important travel survey,” said Chick Krautler, ARC director. “A few minutes time to participate may save you travel time in the future.”

More information is available at There is also a hotline for questions or comments at 888-223-6234. The survey will be available in English and Spanish.

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