Reminder: The First Meeting of the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable to be Held Next Week

Counties which encompass the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable

As mentioned in an earlier Spotlight post, elected officials collaborating within Regional Transportation Roundtables across the state are now undertaking the processes outlined in the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 to develop lists of transportation projects to be built under a potential voter-approved 1 percent regional sales tax. The Atlanta Regional Commission Regional Roundtable will hold its first official meeting on December 17th, where the members are scheduled to approve guidelines for how the body will conduct business,  appoint an executive committee which will help develop a list of regional transportation projects for the full body to consider and adopt proposed criteria which potential projects must meet in order to be selected.

The public is encouraged to attend this important meeting, which is to be held at 9:30 at ARC (40 Courtland Street, Atlanta GA). For more information about the Atlanta Regional Roundtable and Transportation Investment Act of 2010, please visit ARC’s TIA 2010 resource page or GDOT’s TIA 2010 statewide information page.

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