LCI Project Implementation & Bike/Ped News in Dekalb

Emory Village Revitalization Plan (courtesy Alliance to Improve Emory Village)

Here’s an update on a previous Spotlight post on pedestrian and roadway improvements to the Emory University area in Dekalb County, from the Alliance to Improve Emory Village:

Phase One of the Emory Village road project continues. The first phase includes the renovation of sidewalks, curbs and other streetscape features on the southwest side of North Decatur Road (between Peavine Creek/Panera Bread and Supercuts). Access to the business parking lots along this side of North Decatur Road will remain open. This work began in earnest in late August and included reducing North Decatur Road to one lane in each direction and adding a turn lane between Clifton Road and the Lullwater Roundabout. Below is an update from the project managers at PBS&J.

Schedule: The project remains close to schedule (mid-October completion of the first phase of construction). There have been a few delays due to unexpected utilities and delays on delivery of pipe material. Otherwise the roadwork is moving along as planned.

Work underway: Construction signage and erosion control were installed. Most of the demolition for the initial phase (the south side of North Decatur Road between Panera Bread and Supercuts) has been completed. The majority of recent effort relates to the installation of storm drain pipe along the southern side of North Decatur Road. The contractor has also begun work on the footer for the wall near Supercuts.

This project constitutes a large portion of the transportation improvements recommended by the grandfathered Emory Village LCI study. For more information, visit the Emory Village Revitalization Plan website.

In other Emory area transportation news,  bicycle ‘sharrows‘ and related signage are currently being installed by Dekalb County public works along the Clifton Road Corridor. Sharrows make busy roadways safer by reminding motorists to share the road with cyclists and allow for adequate space when overtaking them.

New Sharrow on Clifton Road (Credit: Bike Emory)

Drop in on Bike Emory for more information.

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