Committee Preview – September TCC/TAQC

Below is a preview of several agenda items that will be featured at meetings for either the general session of ARC’s Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) or the Transportation and Air Quality Committee (TAQC) during the month of September. Anyone interested in regional transportation policy issues should attend these meetings, which are held monthly and are open to the public. For TCC/TAQC meeting times, agendas, minutes and presentation materials, please visit ARC’s committee homepage.

Plan 2040

An update will be given on Plan 2040 work activities, including technical analysis.  Details of upcoming jurisdictional consultation meetings in September will be discussed, including expected meeting outcomes.

CTP Program

Reagan Hammond will provide an update on the Comprehensive Transportation Plan Program including information on CTPs that have been completed, CTPs scheduled for FY 2011, a schedule for when jurisdictions are eligible to receive funding for updates to their CTPs and a short discussion on scope of work ideas for CTP updates.

Regional Transit Committee

The last meeting of the Regional Transit Committee was focused primarily on governance issues.  The group adopted a definition of “transit supporting jurisdiction” for eligibility as a member of the future Regional Transit Authority and reviewed a proposal from staff on a weighted voting methodology.   ARC staff will highlight both at Friday’s TCC meeting.  For you reference, you can find these items here.

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