Of Buford Highway and Complete Streets

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, here’s a great piece by the PBS show ‘Blueprint America‘ on the Buford Highway Corridor. The video below really brings into focus the dangerous situation created by roadways which inadequately accommodate all modes of transportation, especially in areas of heavy pedestrian and cycle usage.

Fortunately, ARC was ahead of the curve in terms of planning for this regionally significant corridor. The 2005 Buford Highway Multimodal Corridor Study identified numerous transportation improvements for Buford Highway, including those that would enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety. ARC also funded the 2006 Dekalb County Comprehensive Transportation Plan, which also identifies improvements intended to make the corridor safer. Hopefully as Plan 2040 progresses, some of these projects can make their way out of the pages of plans and onto roadways in need of modernization, such as Buford Highway.

2 Responses to Of Buford Highway and Complete Streets

  1. Sally Flocks says:

    GDOT has activated the four HAWK signals referred to in the video. Drivers stop when the red lights are displayed, which makes it much safer to cross. Pedestrians are required to wait nearly a minute after pushing the walk button — which causes many people to ignore the signals and walk when they find a gap. PEDS encourages GDOT to allow the walk signals to turn on sooner. Otherwise, pedestrians are likely to be across the street before the red beacons light up for motorists.

  2. Thanks for the comment, which we forwarded to GDOT. Hopefully issues like these can be sorted out and pedestrian safety improves along this important corridor.

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