Committee Preview – August TCC/TAQC

Below is a preview of several agenda items that will be featured at meetings for either the general session of ARC’s Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) or the Transportation and Air Quality Committee (TAQC) during the month of August. Anyone interested in regional transportation policy issues should attend these meetings, which are held monthly and are open to the public. For TCC/TAQC meeting times, agendas, minutes and presentation materials, please visit ARC’s committee homepage.

TIP Amendment #10 (action item)

TCC will be voting on an amendment to the FY 2008-2013 TIP, the first official step in an approval process that will culminate in a new conformity determination from the federal government in mid-September.  The scope of the amendment was detailed in a previous Spotlight post.  A 30-day public comment period concluded on August 1, and no issues were brought to ARC’s attention that should impact approval.

Federal Competitive Grant Opportunities Update

David Haynes will be providing a status update on several competitive federal grant opportunities that are currently active, including the TIGER II, the USDOT/HUD Community Challenge and the HUD Sustainable Regional Planning programs.  ARC is taking an active role in coordinating applications so that the region can speak with “one voice” in Washington, which will hopefully improve our chances of being awarded funds.

Transit Project Evaluation Process

The constituent partner staffs of the Regional Transit Committee have been working closely with the ARC technical staff to refine the process for evaluating and prioritizing the projects in Concept 3, and to ensure that it is consistent with the process for evaluating and prioritizing projects for PLAN 2040.  Staff will present the specifics of this methodology and a timeframe for its implementation.

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