If At First You Don’t Succeed…

…try, try again. That’s what the Atlanta region will be doing through the current call for projects under the TIGER II program, described in an earlier Spotlight post. ARC has been advised of six potential submittals from the region, three under the capital program and three for planning funds. Several of them are similar to requests made under the original TIGER program last year, in which the region was unsuccessful in securing funds for any of the 17 projects submitted. It’s hoped that a more disciplined approach and emphasis on coordination will improve the region’s odds this time around.

The City of Atlanta has expressed interest to ARC in again pursuing funds for a section of its downtown streetcar project, as has Douglas County for an extension of Lee Road. GDOT will likely request a federally-backed loan for a portion of the project to add managed lanes on I-75 and I-575 in Cobb and Cherokee Counties, a project which will ultimately be completed under a public/private partnership. In addition, some planning funds for the downtown multimodal terminal also appear to be on the Department’s wish list. The Cumberland CID is still considering its options, but is interested in some planning funds for that area of Cobb County. Finally, Georgians for Passenger Rail is attempting to organize a coalition involving several state agencies to pursue planning funds for the Atlanta/Macon and Atlanta/Athens commuter rail corridors.

Sponsors must officially submit their pre-application to the federal government on July 26 and the complete application isn’t due until August 23, so there’s still plenty of time for this list to change. Check ARC’s Transportation Resources website regularly for the latest information on what’s in the works in our region for TIGER II and other federal grant programs.

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