Committee Preview: July 2010 TCC/TAQC

Below is a preview and synopsis of several agenda items that will be featured at meetings for both the general session of ARC’s Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) and the Transportation and Air Quality Committee (TAQC) during the month of July. Anyone interested in regional transportation policy issues should attend these meetings, which are held monthly and are open to the public. For TCC/TAQC meeting times, agendas, minutes and presentation materials, please visit ARC’s committee homepage.

RTC Update

The Regional Transit Committee reached several milestones in recent months. Following an initial period of provisional voting, the committee’s voting membership has been formally established, and officers were elected in June. Also in June, the committee held a daylong governance retreat at which consensus was reached on several key aspects of a desired permanent transit governance structure for the Atlanta region. Long-term governance will continue to be a major topic of discussion as the legislative Transit Governance Study Commission begins its work this summer. It will be closely coordinated with that of the RTC. ARC/RTC staff is currently finalizing a grant application that will allow the region to access nearly $1 million in federal transit planning funds that will be used to support the work of the RTC over the next 18 months.

PLAN 2040 Update

A resolution is scheduled to be presented to ARC seeking approval of the Vision, Goals and Objectives for PLAN 2040.  This information will be used as guidance in development of PLAN 2040, including developing plan recommendations such as the Regional Transportation Plan/Transportation Improvement Program.  The Vision, Goals and Objectives were shaped by early PLAN 2040 efforts, including the Regional Assessment and stakeholder outreach.  TCC and TAQC have both been continuously updated and have provided important input into this process.

Regional On-Board Transit Survey Update

Between October 2009 and January 2010, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) conducted a regional on-board transit survey. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the travel pattern of transit users in the Atlanta area. The results will be used to update ARC’s regional travel demand model.

• more than 24,000 people who do not have cars

• more than 16,000 students

• more than 13,000 people living in households with incomes of less than $10,000 per year

• nearly 3,500 persons of Hispanic origin

• more than a 1,000 persons age 65 and older

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