A Business Plan for Commuter Rail

Funding for commuter rail operations will require a multifaceted approach that leverages numerous sources, according to a recently released study commissioned by the advocacy group Georgians for Passenger Rail.

The report,  which updates previous Georgia passenger rail planning efforts conducted in 1995 and 2007, was compiled by the Brookings Institution, RCLCO, HDR and Bleakly Advisory Group. It envisions a 103-mile passenger rail corridor between Downtown Atlanta and Macon, with additional stations in Hapeville, Morrow, Hampton, Griffin and Forsyth. The service would consist of 12 round trips per workday (4 between Macon to Atlanta and 8 between Griffin and Atlanta).

The study proposes to cover the $25 million per year operating costs and additional $400 million in capital costs of the service with a combination of SPLOST funds, TAD financing, private development value capture and municipal assessments in station areas. Revenues related to Transit Oriented Development (see video below) figures large into the aforementioned funding assumptions as the study includes detailed station area development plans.

For more on the study, please visit Georgians for Passenger Rail.

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