Going Regional with Roadway Management and Operations Coordination

ARC has conducted the first of a series of meetings to help facilitate a more centralized and coordinated process for implementing transportation management and operations improvements.  The meeting attendees are comprised of staff representing the following regional initiatives and respective lead agencies, and are each represented on the Regional Management and Operations Subcommittee:

  1. Regional Traffic Signal Operations ProgramGDOT
  2. Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME) Task Force – GDOT/GRTA/ARC/Various Law Enforcement Agencies/Towing & Wrecker Companies
  3. Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) Program – GDOT
  4. Towing Recovery and Incentive Program (TRIP) – GDOT/GRTA
  5. Transit Breeze SystemMARTA
  6. Regional Bus Operations – Regional Transit Committee (RTC)/GRTA/Local Transit Operators
  7. Regional Evacuation Plan – Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)/ARC/Fulton County Emergency Management Agency/UASI
  8. Malicious Event and Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery  – UASI/GEMA/US Department of Homeland Security
  9. Congestion Pricing/Managed LanesState Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)/GDOT

This group will meet monthly to discuss challenges and opportunities for future coordination, and potential new transportation planning policies and processes to improve management and operations at the regional scale. 

While many individual activities and programs, such as those listed above, are recognized as national models, the successes of these efforts can be optimized through strategic coordination and cooperation.  This new subcommittee will fold activities of existing regional ITS and M&O groups or projects into the regional transportation planning process, provide ongoing input into the development of the Regional Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program, and provide a forum for information exchange.  The subcommittee will also serve other related functions as relevant (e.g., as the steering committee for the Regional Strategic Thoroughfare System Plan, a plan currently under development by ARC.)  Additional groups or projects will be added to the subcommittee as applicable.   

The next meeting is scheduled on May 21, immediately after the TCC meeting, at 11:00 a.m.  During future meetings, the subcommittee will discuss and brainstorm on its overall vision and goals and objectives and incorporation of M&O strategy in Plan 2040.

For more information, contact Kofi Wakhisi:  kwakhisi *at* atlantaregional.com

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