HAWK Watches Over Suwanee Pedestrians

This past summer, the City of Suwanee installed a HAWK (High Intensity Activated CrossWalK) beacon. Suwanee’s HAWK pedestrian signal is the first in Georgia and one of only a handful nationwide.

The signal is being utilized to provide safer pedestrian accessibility between the two areas of downtown Suwanee: Town Center and historic Old Town. The HAWK uses a unique configuration of flashing lights and symbols to signal drivers and pedestrians. In order to activate the signal, a pedestrian must press the button on the signal pole; until that button is pressed, the HAWK remains unlit.

Studies have found that use of HAWK signals in Tucson, Arizona, where it was first developed, has reduced accidents involving pedestrians and that the beacon is one of the most effective means utilized nationally to assist pedestrians in crossing busy streets safely.

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