Roswell’s Grimes Bridge Road Bridge Reopens

After 14 months of construction, the City of Roswell cut the ribbon on a new bridge along Grimes Bridge Road over Big Creek.  The bridge replacement project was funded through the Georgia Department of Transportation and was built by GDOT’s contractor, C.W. Matthews. The old bridge was a narrow span that did not accommodate bicycles or pedestrians.  Adjacent to the old bridge is Oxbo Road which intersects Grimes Bridge Road at a dangerous skew.  As part of the new bridge’s design, one of the biggest challenges was the accommodation of a realigned Oxbo Road to create a more traditional 90-degree intersection with Grimes Bridge Road.  The design called for a three-leg bridge with the intersection of Grimes Bridge and Oxbo sited directly over the creek. Given the proximity to the National Park Service land east of Big Creek, the design included some unique features such as textured concrete along the bridge parapet and retaining walls, sconces encased into the parapet to provide pedestrian-scale lighting, and a new traffic signal at the intersection.  There was a festive celebration as the Mayor, City Council, GDOT representatives, and Roswell citizens cut the ribbon formally opening the newest project in the City of Roswell

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